how to keep an avocado tree small for small garden?

Posted on 24 July 2009

2 responses to how to keep an avocado tree small for small garden?

  • Julia says:

    What fun! Many people like to do this even though it may not produce any avocados. Once your tree is about 6 inches tall, take it out of water and plant it in potting soil in an 8 - 12 inch(top rim measurement) pot with just the tip showing. Maybe you already did this, if you haven’t, you may want to cut it back a couple of inches after planting so that it will concentrate on making more roots rather than trying to support the foliage.To keep it small, clip the tips as it starts to grow. This will make it bushier rather than taller. It may be fun to treat it as a bonsai or a topiary for a while shaping and clipping fairly frequently. Check out the web site below for that info.
    Have fun.

  • pixieotr says:

    bonsai pots

    you can prune it back to keep it the size you desire, but it may not do well if it is a large variety tree. a patio pot would not be sufficient for the root system. the best you can do is try. a normal size avocado tree would require a minimum of a 36″ box like the nurseries use for planting trees.

    If you do not have success with this, try for a dwarf variety.

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