How do you rejuvenate/bring back to life a dead/dormant BONSAI plant?

Posted on 23 June 2009

7 responses to How do you rejuvenate/bring back to life a dead/dormant BONSAI plant?

  • Eggman says:

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    Prune WHAT? It has no leaves!

    Why don’t you try Voodoo? It’s all you have left

  • Kitsune says:

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    Pure manure is terrible for tender roots trying to come back! There’s too much salt in it.
    You should check to see if there’s any life left in the poor thing first. With your fingertip scratch off a little of the bark. If there’s green underneath it’s still slightly alive, if it’s brown and crunchy it’s toast.

  • clarry says:

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    I think pruning a little bit…just the little branches…back a bit will promote new growth.

  • Sandy G says:

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    Have you checked whether it is dead or dormant? Break off a twig or run your fingernail under the bark. If it is brown and dry under the bark, the plant is dead. If there is some green, it may only be dormant.

    If it is dead, it is DEAD, and nothing you do will bring it back.

  • hopflower says:

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    Hint: if it is dead, there is nothing you can do to bring it back to life.

  • Bonsai Soil

    If it is dead…it is dead…and it WILL NOT COME BACK. You should be able to tell whether it is dead or not. If the branches are dry an brittle, then it is dead, How did the roots look when you repotted it? Was there any new growth on them? (new roots are generally light colored)..was there any sign of life at swollen leaf buds…green shoots near the base of the plant?
    If so, then just keep track of it. Don’t over water it because that could do as much dammage as under watering it. Bonsai plants are a very delicate balance of root vs shoot and have to be pruned corectly. I would go to a local library or book store and look for some books on that subject.

  • The Muse says:

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    I wouldn’t hold out much hope if the plant is really dead. In the meantime, you can check this site for care instructions. At least you could figure out why it may have expired.

    The Muse

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